I have always loved art. When I was young, I loved to draw and create things, though in a very calculated manner. I would create cartoon characters that had a "recipe" -a here's-how-I-draw-this type formula. It may not have seemed very creative to those who believed in the messy artist. Looking back, this was the beginning of how I would find a career in graphic design - an art form that relies on both form and function. 

I have worked for a large variety of clients in different capacities - an in-house art department at a manufacturing company, a small ad agency, a publisher of theatre playbills, a hat company. 

Many people wonder what a graphic designer does. If you are one of you go!

I am a visual communicator. I can help you achieve your goal or solve a problem through many different mediums or strategies. Whether it be branding a business with a logo, creating an ad for a publication or a brochure to communicate the value of your business or service.

Contact me to find out about how I can help you achieve your marketing goals.